Tim Rahn uses the highest standard of production in creating the fine art available for purchase. This process is used by the finest producers of photographic artwork in the industry. Tim, however, is providing this art at a significantly lower price point than his competitors.

Chromira prints, “REAL Photographic C prints” (Chromogenic) are conventional wet process Chromogenic prints exposed with light then developed with chemicals. The prints are completely continuous tone with no dots at all. Chromira prints are much more durable and scratch resistant than InkJet prints.

What is silver halide?
Silver halide is a chemical compound and has been used in photographic film and paper for hundreds of years. In fact, when it comes to producing high-quality photo prints, silver halide printing is the chef’s kiss of printing methods.

Also referred to as chromogenic prints, C-types, C-prints or C-type prints, silver halide prints are actually created by a chemical reaction.

Silver halide paper contains light-sensitive silver halide crystals and dye couplers suspended in layers of gelatin. When this paper (and the concoction inside it) is exposed to light, it triggers a chemical reaction, which then develops to form a full-color image – all without a drop of ink in sight.

In a nutshell, silver halide prints are exposed using light instead of ink, digital files instead of film negatives, and a printer instead of a darkroom.