Accentuate your workplace environment with stunning appeal. Using striking imagery from around the tropics provides energy to your workspace and will impress your clients.

Tim has a vast collection of artwork that will suite every business environment or commercial venture. Artwork is printed using the highest quality materials and is produced ready-to-hang.

Create a lasting impression on your customers by tastefully installing a collection of Tim Rahn’s fine artwork in your place of business.


Tim’s fine artwork is a natural complement to the marvel of your Cruise Ship. Large-format artwork is readily available for installation throughout your pool areas, decks, rooms and dining spaces.

Compliment the attraction of your cruise with imagery from your ports of call and the wildlife surrounding your guests. Coordinating artwork installations among all areas of your ship provides a strong sense of flow and connectedness.

Fine artwork can be produced in very large sizes and across many panels to fill vast spaces. Tim will work with you and your cruise ship team to develop imagery and sizes that match your taste and onboard motif.


Provide beautiful artwork in your guest rooms, lobby, pool areas or conference centers. Elegant and dramatic colors and subjects can be combined to match the theme of your resort, hotel, motel, lodge, short-term rental, vacation home or condominium.

Consider Tim’s artwork as part of your next renovation or facility update. Artwork is available in many sizes, colors and styles to match your specific arrangements.

Tim would be happy to discuss your custom needs for your facility.

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