Visitors to the Florida Keys always find themselves in awe of the stunning beauty of this incredible place—the quiet waters, the vibrant colors, and the unique ecosystem make this part of the world unlike any other. Many, like me, fell in love with the magic of these islands and never left.

l have spent more than twenty-five years as a resident of Lower Matecumbe, and through this time have been fortunate to witness and capture some of its essence and beauty. There are countless natural wonders above and below the water in this island chain from Key Largo to Dry Tortugas, as well as the Bahamas and Caribbean islands.

I am now offering Limited Edition Finished Artwork printed using Silver Halide and mounted to Acrylic with a French Cleat. These beautiful pieces reflect the natural beauty that this unique environment has to offer, and this artwork can now be yours by browsing my collections and using the quick online checkout.

If there is something you would like to see that I do not now offer, please call (305) 481-5561 or contact Tim to make a special request. I have produced artwork that now decorates fine homes and businesses, as well as hotels and cruise lines. Please do reach out to me if you have any questions or special requests.

Tim Rahn